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Software Synopsis

Simplicity Works

With few exceptions, software users are making simplicity a key requirement. No one wants an over engineered Cadillac when a Chevy will do. This is why more users are selecting Kinnosa! Kinnosa simplifies project tasks, including time consuming administrative tasks, and delivers high impact benefits like:

Kinnosa simplicity

Kinnosa delivers…

  • Reduced project administration
  • Minimized overdue tasks
  • Improved project information flow
  • Increased information accuracy
  • Increased information accuracy
  • Stronger team communications

Kinnosa: Data Linking and Assembly

Kinnosa is also a data unification platform that extracts, assembles and links siloes of data eliminating time consuming and error prone hand processing. Kinnosa simplicity cuts through data complexities to deliver complete and real time information to the entire team.


Kinnosa isn’t just the most powerful project information platform on the planet. It also extends the capabilities of applications like SharePoint, Dynamics, AutoCAD, ePDM, MS Project and others. Thanks to our add-ins, simply plug them in to add capabilities, integrate Kinnosa with the external system and much more.