Document and Data Control for Design and Project Teams

Kinnosa is a leading document and data control software for design and project teams that work with various types of data coming from multiple systems. Kinnosa combines the features of document control, collaboration, task management, data linking and unification into a powerful, software platform. With its unequaled combination of features, Kinnosa turns scattered bits of unorganized data into a unified view of managed information that transforms teamwork and changes the way work gets done.

Kinnosa is transformational software that changes how work gets done, how teams collaborate, as well as business process efficiency. Kinnosa runs in both on-premise and cloud configurations giving customers the ability to start in one environment, say on-premise, and move to the cloud at some time in the future. Kinnosa is available in two editions:

Kinnosa SaaS

(Software as a Service)

Kinnosa on the Cloud:

  • Project Information Platform
  • Rapid Deployment in 48 Hrs
  • Extremely Low Risk
  • Low Cost
  • Pay As You Go
  • Increased Business Agility
  • Predictable Expenditures
  • Higher Uptime and Access
  • Content is More Secure
  • Integrate to Other Systems


Kinnosa ES

(Enterprise System)

Kinnosa On-Premise Enterprise:

  • Task-Based Workflow
  • Automated CAD Management
  • Auditing & Traceability
  • Data Taxonomy & Folksonomy
  • Advanced Data Linking
  • Contextual & Search
  • Data Archival & Retrieval
  • Forms Management
  • Cloud Computing Options
  • ECM, ERP, SharePoint, CAD Integrations